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They have the ability to develop a relationship with their clients that transcends a business relationship. As their client, I appreciate their taste, feedback and ability to stay within a budget (no matter how high or low). They are meticulous when it comes to detail to make sure the entire room comes together seamlessly. They help their clients create a perfect, and warm atmosphere for precious family time. I am elated to show my house to friends and family at every gathering! Thank you D&S for making my house my dream home!


"Their flexibility with time, understanding of budget, and directing choices based on their expertise but respectful of clients taste. They simply are the best and I love how my house looks!"


"Thoughtful yet decisive, well connected in the industry, positive attitude, and great to work with"

-Y. F

"Dahlia and Shani are so easy to work with and have such a great sense of style! I love the pay by the hour arrangement because it gave me total flexibility. They were very responsive and I could send the emails with pictures of things that I had seen and they were great about giving me the thumbs up and the thumbs down. With a busy schedule it saved me lots of time. I and everyone who has seen my apartment, loves it! I highly recommend Dahlia and Shani!!"


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